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Haiti: The Water Pump Project

July 3, 2017

The water pump has been purchased for the town of Ransanble! We will update with pictures when it is put to use to water the crops. The families, Pastor Wilson and we are extremely grateful for the support in making this happen! The water pump will increase the amount of crops during harvest, feeding the families and helping them bring extras to market. Thank you!!!

During our last trip to Haiti, we were informed by our local Haitian friends of some much needed help with essential projects to ensure their well being in very difficult living situations. The WATER PUMP PROJECT is an example of how such a small amount goes a long way! Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the purpose of purchasing a water pump for the town. This water pump will be used to extract water from a nearby river to water the fields of crops. This water pump will ensure crops will grow properly through every growing season to provide the 50 families in town with food as well as enabling them to bring extra food from the harvests to sell at market. The crops need to be watered heavily 8 times throughout the growing season. This allows time for the community to rent out the water pump to other local farmers for their crop watering needs. Money circulates within the community, further helping the families. Visit the donations section of our site to help with this project. Thank you for your generosity!

Pastor Wilson continuing to help the community where his wife grew up

Workers in the field

Nearby river that can provide water for the crops

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