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Haiti: Sponsor a Student

One of our local Haitian friends, Jupiter, informed us that many of the children are not attending school because of lack of funds. We had the pleasure of visiting 3 different schools on our last trip and these kids were so full of life, laughter and love that it just seems crazy to us that some children are unable to be educated due to lack of funds. It's such a low cost per student that it seems necessary to find a way to cover the costs, one student at a time. For $200/year you can sponsor a student to attend school, which includes their uniform, food, books, supplies and teacher compensation.

Picture day with the kids

The students love Lauren's tattoos

Asha and Chris with the kids

We at Hope 4 Today would like to send a heartfelt thank you out to Judy Lucas, Benji Lanpher and Sarah Nelson for sponsoring the education of 4 students in St Marc, Haiti.

Kinsley Pierre is 9 years old from Saint Marc, Haiti.

Louimé Loveson is 4 years old from St. Marc, Haiti.

Cherlanda Batalien is 14 years old from St. Marc, Haiti.

Lovensy Denestan is 9 years old from St. Marc, Haiti.

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