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Sponsor A Student Update!

Hello Everyone!! We wanted to introduce you to some of our friends in Haiti! Our friend Kinsley Pierre is 9 years old and lives in St. Marc, Haiti. He sends a special thank you to Judy Lucas, Benji Lanpher and Sarah Nelson for helping to sponsor his education. We greatly appreciate your generosity and are very moved by the continued support we receive to help improve the lives of others!

Another reason for us to be grateful is Louimé Loveson, a 4 years old from St Marc, Haiti:) He sends his love to Judy Lucas, Benji Lanpher and Sarah Nelson for sponsoring his education! Thank you guys for making a difference!!

Cherlanda Batalien is 14 years old and such a beautiful spirit!! Thank you again to Judy Lucas, Benji Lanpher and Sarah Nelson for your awesome support with her education!! It means the world to her and us!!

Lovensy Denestan is 9 years old and very thankful for his educational support from Judy Lucas, Benji Lanpher and Sarah Nelson!! You guys rock!!

We are incredibly grateful that these amazing kids have come into our lives!! Such funny, charismatic and beautiful beings!!! If you are interested in helping sponsor a student in Haiti check out our website hope4today.orgunder the donations section. All money goes directly to the cause. We all work 100% as volunteers. Thank you for your continued support!!! More projects coming soon!! Contact for info on our mission trip in November

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